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Learn more about membership. Resources are stored in the back pocket. Naturally, as you teach new skills, your expectations will evolve. In the Pen color list, click a new color for the current pen.

Here are answers to some questions about this transition. But for some people — or everyone, on certain occasions — our tech devices can hinder our creative juices. I find this idea very helpful for writing stories.

Here are some ideas for how you can do that--I'm sure you will think of your own ways. Sometimes a small group mini-lesson or two or three really help with this issue too.

Draw and sketch notes on a page

When a story goes on longer than one page, children continue writing only on the right-hand side of their notebook, leaving the left pages blank. That's why I revisit this over and over again throughout the year.

There are a few reasons why I did this: So, I switched to folders a couple of years ago. Check out these pictures of vintage handwriting samples on old paper from the "Golden Age" of handwriting. How are your student's writing notebooks working this year?

Your challenge is to dig them out. You can see in the picture below that there were reading logs attached to the tabs. Later you can go back and circle any parts you want to use.

Students also still have the green revising checklist in their folders. Notes from lessons taught begin on the last page of their notebook, with subsequent lessons being added back to front.

I circle a few skills that I observed in their notebooks and then I circle one or two things that the student needs to work on. They skip lines as they do this so that they will have room to revise and edit their writing if they choose to publish it.

These two above are both to keep track of the class.

Editable Interactive Writing Notebook

This high-tech pen companion — currently on Indiegogo — works just like your go-to tablet would, with the added perk of letting you practice your handwriting. I do not want their portfolios to show perfect pieces at the end of the year, I want them to show students' abilities and their growth of the writing process.

To delete ink strokes, click Eraser on the Writing Tools toolbar, and then drag the pointer across the ink. In the Pen thickness mm list, enter a new stroke size in millimeters for the current pen.

Reading/Writing Notebook

Perhaps your notebooks are working well this year. With the Tablet PC pen or your mouse, draw or write notes directly on the surface of the page. Now, where do you want to start the writing? Having these suggested activities is a terrific way to get started and get over that hump of not really knowing what to do.

You could take a poem, make it into a card, and send that. Where is my auto-exported notebooks data? Let us know in the comments.After the winter break, I switch from using writing notebooks to using writing folders.

OneNote and the Writing Process

These are two pocket folders that the children use to store their work. Instead of a notebook, the children use single sheets of paper to write on (I use the ones suggested by Lucy Caulkins).

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Jul 03,  · You may think that notebooks are just for writing and drawing in; they can be used for much more. This wikiHow will give you instructions on how to create the notebook, as well as giving you some ideas.

It might take a while to figure out what to turn your notebook into, but Views: K. Video: OneNote and the Writing Process Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook—think of it as a central storage space for your school projects.

You can use it to collect research, take notes in class, and organize outlines.

Writing Pads

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Writing notebooks for students

It's just you and your words.

Writing notebook
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